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Solar power plant at Hotel Concordia

Hotel Concordia was one of the first independent hotels in Sweden to be Nordic Ecolabelled in 2005. Every year since then, we have worked purposefully to really try to improve the environment both inside and outside our organization.

In 2019, our environmental work and sustainability programs were further intensified. As we are a self-contained and family-run hotel, it has been a simple, quick and pleasant decision to take these 2 major environmental initiatives into 2019:

We are building a solar power plant on the roof of the hotel. With this this solar power plant there will be an reduction in the environmental impact of the hotel business by about 1.5 tonnes CO2 / year.

So 15,000 Kwh, is about what our new solar power plant will produce and as a little curiosity it is enough for one of the following things (about):

3,000,000 charging hours (with a 5W charger) of mobile phone.

15,000 h of vacuum cleaning (with 1000 W vacuum cleaner).

150,000 h of TV viewing on a LED TV (100 W).225,000 brewed coffee cups.

1 refrigerator (80 W) which is switched on constantly for 187 000 h or equivalent 7 790 days (about 21 years).

This year's second environmental news at Hotel Concordia is that in March we installed a detergent-free washing machine. This means a great environmental gain as we have now completely stopped using laundry and rinsing agents in our washing routines. Instead, it is deionized water on low heat which makes the laundry as clean and fine as before.

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Welcome to an environmentally friendly business hotel in the middle of Lund, only aprox. 500 mtrs from the train- & busstation!

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