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Eco-labelled hotel

Vi är ett Svanenmärkt hotell sedan år 2005

Vi är ett Svanenmärkt hotell sedan år 2005

Ever since the grand opening in 1982, Hotel Concordia and it´s staff has been working with a broad and long term environmental mindset and we have always strived to reach and uplift our environmental goals.

Hotellobbyn med glastak

Hotellobbyn med glastak

The environmental work

A few years ago, we didn´t have any kind of environmental certification, although we have been able to meet most of such eco-standards for many years. We felt that the time was right for us to be a part of a great environmental organisation and to be an environmental-certified hotel. We then contacted SIS Eco-labelling in Stockholm, and applied for becoming an eco-labelled hotel.

"The Swan"

The eco-label is called "The Swan" and is the official Nordic ecolabel, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers. As the 95th hotel in Sweden (approx. 1 900 hotels total in Sweden) we became certified with "The Swan" in April 2005.

We were delighted to receive this certification. Our main environmental goal in the near future is to continue to keep the high level of quality concerning our environmental work.

The licens is renewed

In 2014/2015 a full scale review where executed by SIS Eco-labelling and now we have renewed our eco-certificate until the end of 2018! This control of our environmental work showed a number of positive things, including our decrease level of water usage. This success of decreasing the water usage at the hotel is all thanks to Alfa Laval and their efficient products, minimizing and supervising the water usage within our organisation. We highly recommend Alfa Laval and their excellent products!

The context of The Swan label

A hotel that is labelled with "The Swan" has met the following standards/demands:

"The Swan" respects the load that the environment carries from a product during its entire life cycle; that is, from raw material to waste product.

"The Swan" demands quality and function. The product must have at least the same qualities as other equivalent products.

To make sure a product labelled with "The Swan" constantly belongs to the best out of an environmental point of view, the standards and demands for being labelled with "The Swan" gradually increases.

Our environmental policy

"At Hotel Concordia in Lund Sweden, we will always follow the present environmental legislation and continuously strive to maintain and improve the environmental conditions, both the ones of our guests and also the ones of our staff. To fulfil these conditions requires a great amount of work and a general environmental philosophy within a number of areas:

Fresh and clean water with an approved torrent of water in our water taps.

Cautious and environmental use of energy. · Environmentally friendly cleaning products and washing routines.

In their daily work, all our staff should think and act out of an environmental point of view.

Sorting of recyclable products.

Disposable goods should be used as sparsely as possible.

Throughout the year we are working together for a better environment and how to increase our knowledge of the environment. We realize the importance of protecting the natural environment surrounding us. Our estate (the hotelbuilding) is cultural labelled and this makes us very cautious when renovating or making changes inside the hotelbuilding. For many years we have been using environmental routines, based on a positive, thoughtful and long-term environmental philosophy. From April 2005 we are environmental certified according to the international environmental standards ISO 14001. The eco-certification is called "The Swan"."

Welcome to the personal Hotel Concordia in the centre of Lund, Sweden!

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