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The hotel building 1920

The hotel building 1920

Hotel Concordia and it´s surrounding is part of an exciting history, started 1000 years ago.

The name

Concordia is Latin and means unity and harmony; a suitable name for a hotel that always puts the guest's wellbeing first. Many of our guests are former students and when returning to Lund they wish to stay very centrally located with the unique atmosphere this area provides.

The Danish era of Lund

Concordia is located in the Billegården - a name that points back to the Danish era of Lund, when the influential Bille family was the owner of an estate in this very quarter. Beata Bille, daughter to the councillor Claus Bille, married Otto Brahe, also a councillor. One of their many children was Tycho Brahe. In this way, there is a connection between Lund and the great astronomer.

August Strindberg

In the nineteenth century, the well-known scholar Henrik Schück lived in the Concordia building. It has been told by another Lundian scholar, that Schück from his apartment, out of curiosity observed a peculiar man in the house across the street, performing chemical experiments. This man was August Strindberg, vainly trying to produce gold. During his time in Lund, between the years of 1897-1898, Strindberg stayed in a apartment at Stålbrogatan, just across the hotelbuilding. During this period of time he wrote the two famous dramas "Advent" and "Inferno".


During several decays (from 1920 to about 1960), the Concordia building, built in 1882, was referred to as Micklagård among the students. The name is not derived from the name of Constantinopel, used by the nordic vikings. The name Micklagård was used by students mainly because the apartment owners in the building were all religious. During this period it was very popular to eat at Micklagård and a lot of students used to eat here. Today, many of them are famous swedish people such as writers, artists and politicians.

The hotel

One thing is certain; this beautiful cultural building is full of both new and old interesting traditions. The hotel was founded in 1982, since then the building have been extended and carefully renovated. The most recent extension of the building was finished in the year of 2000, adding 15 new guestrooms and a new spacious lobby to the hotel. Today the hotel have a total of 60 guestrooms, 2 conference rooms, dining area for 50 guests, roof terrace, minor top modern gym and a relax area with a sauna providing a spectacular panorama view. Improvements are made continuously and we fulfil all standards of being a modern hotel with qualitative comfort.

Hotel Concordia is centrally located and family owned by the founders of the hotel. The hotel is certified by the organisation Visita. During the spring of 2005, the hotel was eco-labelled with "The Nordic Swan" (the official eco-label of the Nordic countries), and we are working every day to improve the environment by following our documented environmental standards. Finally, we are looking forward to the opportunity of having you as our guest and together create history at Hotel Concordia in Lund!

Welcome to the personal hotel in the centre of Lund!

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