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In Lund

Lund is a beautiful university- and a cultural city. Lund is also the city of contrasts - modern knowledge and visions blends with the city´s 1000 year old history. Lund is an expanding and very positive city with world leading project as the biggest research project in Europe - ESS (European Spallation Source), MAX IV LAB, a brand new congress hall and much much more.

Welcome to Lund - the city of ideas!

Charm & comfort

Here you will also be able to find the charm of a small town side by side with the temptations and comfort of a big city. The University of Lund has a key part here. With 40000 students, more than any other scandinavian university, the city is characterized as a growing and exciting city.

Lund -the city of ideas

In Lund, the city of ideas, you will create your future together with others. In Lund there is an interaction between knowledge, ideas and development. Here you will find the multitude and the new life styles; and the possitbility of a life filled with health, comfort and freedom. Lund, the city of ideas, is also characterized by great openness to new impressions and a good self-esteem combined with humour.

Inside the municipality of Lund, not too far from the city, you will find Dalby, Södra Sandby, Veberöd och Genarp in an environment of great natural beauty. The municipality of Lund is a large agricultural region, with arable land to be found in the areas just outside of Lund.

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