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The University of Lund

Lunds University main building, built 1882 (same year as the Concordia-building)

Lunds University main building, built 1882 (same year as the Concordia-building)

The University of Lund has its place among the leading universities in the world. The university is the largest unit for higher education and research in Scandinavia today.

High numbers

Around 6000 teachers, researchers, administrators and technicians work together within a wide range of matters. The number of students are approximately 41 000 (equivalent to 27 150 full time students)

The majority of the University is located in Lund, but there are also several academic and research institutes in Malmö. The University also has a campus in Helsingborg and learning centres in several towns in Skåne. Lund University also has the largest Internet based education in the country.

Research & society

At the University of Lund the education always stays in close contact with the research and society. Education of all levels aim to develop the qualities that are characteristic for a university; analytical skills, critical thinking and the ability to search for, gather and present information. The contents in and range of the different courses are continuously changing to meet the demands for a good and relevant education.

Friends all over the world

The University of Lund has a close cooperation with a number of universities all over the world. The international academic environment together with a vital culture and communities in the Öresunds-region leads to innovative and border crossing project that our students and researchers may benefit from.

The University of Lund protects the free research and its importance to the development of society. The University also carries on an extensive applied research in a close cooperation with the private and public sector. The University contributes to the creation of new businesses, with the university research as a starting point.

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