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New cleaning routines

Dear Guest, room cleaning information

As part of our sustainability work at Hotel Concordia, we have chosen the following arrangement regarding the cleaning of your room during your stay.

If you want the room to be cleaned during your stay, you must inform our staff at the reception, no later than 11 am the day before the cleaning day or at your check-in.

Through this environmental initiative, we save large amounts of water, cleaning products and reduce our negative impact on the environment! We have been a Nordic Ecolabelled hotel since 2005 and over the years we have made many substantial environmental investments, such as solar panels on the roof of the hotel with an effect of 15-20 % of the annual electricity consumption at the hotel, detergent-free washing machine system with low water heat, 100% hydroelectric power and we only buy eco-labeled consumables.

We hope and believe that you also want to invest in the environment together with us!

Welcome to Hotel Concordia in Lund!

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