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There is a parking garage within 100 mtrs from the hotel.


The public parking garage

When you have arrived at the hotel and need a place to park your vehicle, we can inform you of these alternatives: You can park your car in the multi-storey parking garage "Färgaren", located nearby the hotel (approx. 100 m). In "Färgaren" the ceiling height is 2.00 metres. We can´t guarantee available parking space at "Färgaren" This parking garage is not owned by the hotel owners. You pay with your creditcard in the automatic creditcard machines, they are available on each floor(10 floors total).

Parking outside

There are also 18 parking spaces outdoors. This car park is not owned by the hotel and is located aprox 100 metres from the hotel. You pay by creditcard or coins (VISA, MasterCard, etc. are accepted) in the ticket-machine at the parking lot when arriving. Then you must put the parking ticket, you receive from the ticket-machine, viewable inside the car front window with the text up, otherwise you will unfortunately be fined a high amount of money. You can also use a parking-app called Parkster that you download from your smartphone.

Prices for parking (updated 20160730)

Cars and motorcycles

Parking garage "Färgaren"

Mon-Fri, 07:00 am - 7:00 pm: 15 sek / h or 216 sek / 24 h

Saturday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm: 15 sek / h or 144 sek / 24h

Other time during the week it costs 3 sek / h

Parking outdoors

Between 9:00 am - 7:00 pm: 15 sek / hour or 192 sek / 24 h

Saturday between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm: 15 sek / hour or 156 sek / 24 h

Other time during the week it costs 3 sek / hour

Bus parking

Outside Färs & Frosta Sparbank Arena

3 hour parking allowed at S:t Laurentiigatan

5 min parking allowed at Kyrkogatan (bus travellers get on/off site)

We can not guarantee these prices above. For example if the parking garage owners have changed prices and not informed us.

Stortoret Lund

Stortoret Lund

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