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Wi-Fi & IT upgrade at Hotel Concordia!

During 2017/2018 we upgraded our Wi-Fi system "Concordia Wireless". All old access points and other equipment have been replaced with new ones offering the latest and fastest technology. Our easy login and welcome page is also new. Our IT provider has tested the speed throughout the building and it works very well. We have an own fiber cabel connection of 1 GB / s. The speed of the fiber line is increased if it´s necessary in the future.

We know how incredibly important it is with a well-functioning Wi-Fi system for our hotel guests and therefore we have also signed a new IT support agreement that provides a very fast response time for all error messages regarding the "Concordia Wireless" Wi-Fi system.

Enjoy our fast and smooth Wi-Fi system as our guest!!

Best Regards

Christofer Eriksson
Owner / CEO, Hotel Concordia

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